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Finally, a place to share the Community's vast moveset ideas! Or to promote your own video movesets!

This place is a database called The Roster. You can click the image on the left to access it.

Or add to it with the form below!

First off, write these 3 names: Your Name. Not the character's, yours. Your birth name or maybe a pseudonym? Anonymous?

Character Name. The name of the character you'll write a moveset of. Along with it, write its game/movie of origin in a parenthesis.    Ex. The King (Zelda CDI)

Lawl Team. The name of your Lawl Spin-off. If you don't have one, or just want to suggest, fill that space with "Suggestion"

Your Name:
Character Name (Series):
Lawl Team:

Now click on these boxes and write the moveset! The Neutral B inside the Neutral B box, etc. 500 words max for each.

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