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The Person
My name is Claudio Cardenas Romero. I currently reside in Monterrey, Mexico.
I studied a Degree in Communications and Digital Media at Tecnológico de Monterrey - Monterrey Campus, during which one semester was completed in Chile, in the Communications and Design division at
INACAP - Valparaiso Campus.

I've always had a devotion towards translating my ideas into enticing multimedia projects.
During my youth, I wrote and drew many ideas in notebooks, with the hopes of someday turning them into animations. Now, in present times, animations are being built with digital media. Built upon a foundation of many years with common goal.
Up next my Demo Reel:

Credit goes to Chaos X for the music

I can adapt my talents to the needs of any client. This second Reel shows clients I've worked for:

and in pdf format, my Curriculum Vitae



Youtube: chincherrinas

Facebook: Claudio Cárdenas

LinkedIn: Claudio Cárdenas  – Scripts and Animation

Telephone: 83-36-58-16   Cel: +52 (81) 8280 1198
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