The Frollo Show Trailer!

Look at that 1280×720 glory… ooh The Frollo Show, not even I saw this project coming. I worked alot on Macromedia Flash before even knowing about Sony Vegas you know…

Anyways my other humble aboad, , will keep on uploading, so no worries  on that front.

This aboad, is projected to show my 100% original content work, and eventually become a place where people can upload vids, with better players than this, and with two options of grading systems: one for Lawl Movesets and another for Bro Shows. For example, with the first one people will be able to rate from 1 to 5 the creativity of each B move.

The thumbs up/thumbs down from youtube is just waaay too simple to make these kinda vids some justice. Why you may ask? Because youtube just cares about quantity, Antilope Productions  actually cares for the quality of video making.